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NeoPop a lot of features, the sound of high precision and by many as the best Neo Geo Pocket Emulator is considered round. It is updated very often. There is also the translation of many in the home page. This version of the emulator includes a debugger that can be useful for homebrew games are developers.These certain parts of the source code needed code.This Win32 kernel source to all ports NeoPop . make Both are under version 2 (or later at your discretion) of the software license published. GNU General Public License This is a translation Brazilian Portuguese Paulo Manrique.

"NeoPOP: emulator in Dreamland"

NeoPOP is a portable "Neo Geo Pocket (Color)" emulator.

neopop game romsThis program is free software, you can redistribute it and / or modif Published by under the terms of the GNU General Public License The Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or (After your option) any later version. See the file license.txt for Further information

- In addition, you agree that you will not distribute this program
commercial ROM images in any form.

        Kernel v0.71

- TLCS-900H offers additional courses to meet the modes.
- Adjust and optimize the timers are more accurate now.
- Correction of Music "Cool Cool Jam" and "Card Fighters improvement."
- Emulates more instructions per imitate the call, makes things faster.
- Put frameskipping Interactive
- Flash read-only events safer.

        Win32 v1.06

- Fixed window size is one pixel too high and
subtle stretching artifacts.
- Partial Dialogue translated link.
- ". Various options "dialog. Different options.
- Window / full screen mode register is restored from the beginning.
- More strings translated / DIALOG / MENU.
- Added Adaptoid N64 D-pad support.
- Put frameskipping Interactive
- Tablet with the latest version of UPX.
Consistency improved sound, especially the noise channel - and shades
Noise is now no noise, etc., and will be restored
properly from a saved state. He was a long-standing problem.
- Added full-screen stretching.

        Kernel v0.70

- Fixed "Fighters" Gals problems. They were of lightning damage
Due to excessive data EEPROM emulation discrete simple.
To solve the problem completely, you must delete the existing
Flash file - in the battery.
All movements should work now ... I cross my fingers!

- Emulation of communication can be a little better. However, it remains
there are still some important issues that need to emulate memory system.

        Win32 v1.05

- No fixed filter resulting file selection work if the string
was longer than the English version (which is pretty often).
- Memory Debugger "Vigilante", you can now save and load your list is not
robust code - but does the job!

- SNK to make a big hand, unfortunately ignored in the UK and
general specifications of the device.

- Toshiba to do a little (very) unpleasant but TLCS-900h
the provision of accessible technical documentation.

- Helped NeoPocott technical equipment specifications that guide NGPC
my rapid progress.

- NeoGeoPocket Dev'rs ( that they gave me
Links to several homebrew games and apps that have been very helpful.

- Jeff Frohwein write the "" and "files"
continue to help many.

- Roger Bacon, Ivan Mackintosh, Tomasz Slanina and all other PD
Authors make the source code for your games. It is very useful
to read while trying to understand what is wrong with my code!

- Richard Mitton for his RAZE z80 emulator.
Is no longer used because it is platform dependent, but very good.

- Button for help with a lot of good ideas.

- Judge, and a tester processor, the BIOS emulation
proper functioning of the DAA instruction, and many other great brands!

- Rome Zlib Media Tablet.
Copyright (C) 1995-1998 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler NeoPOP hosting and providing a forum -.

- Ivan Mackintosh help for many things, including the emulation.

- Fuz help me with various things, and write a lot of complicated
homebrew roms to try.

- Marat Fayzullin emulator for the Z80.
Portions Copyright (C) 1994-2002 Marat Fayzullin

- MAME team source code driver sound chip.

To show Pete Bernert and plants, as its buffer PeopsSpu -
should take place with DirectSound.

- Time Paladin help retailers many mistakes.

- Caz for BeOS port, the source of the message and many useful ideas.

- All those who have e-mail and posted on the forum with positive
Comments and suggestions.

- All translators, too many to mention!

- And everything that I've forgotten ... :-)

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