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Koyote is a Neo Geo Pocket Emulator freeware Raingeard written by David and Romain Tisserand. The entire code was rewritten from scratch, except for the emulation of Z80 and SN76496 emulation. It is also the first Neo Geo Pocket emulator with preliminary TCP / IP and Neo Geo Pocket NetPlay BIOS version are sound.Language support.This packs and skins are avilable from the official website. A suspension NeoPocott Neo Geo Pocket emulator written in C Adds support for all databases with support for zoom, reset / pause and vsync, but no sound. Compatibility is signifigantly lower NeoPop NGPocket.There or coyote is a Norwegian translation ...... and a Portuguese translation.

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neopop game romsNeoPop has a lot of features, the sound of high precision and by many it is rated as the best Neo Geo Pocket Emulator is considered round. It is updated very often. There is also the translation of many in the home page. This version of the emulator includes a debugger that can be useful for homebrew games are developers.These certain parts of the source code needed code.This Win32 kernel source to all ports NeoPop . make Both are under version 2 (or later at your discretion) of the software license published. GNU General Public License This is a translation Brazilian Portuguese Paulo Manrique.

NGPocket was the first Neo Geo Pocket Emulator public. Emulate two neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color. It must run in 16 bit color depth. It is a shareware and costs 500 yen (about $ 5) for recording (the site is gone, but if the file can not be possible). The controls and sound are disabled until you register. Despite this emulator is no longer a NeoPocott, coyotes NeoPop and are easily surpassed in the situation, this emulator. Jump and head NeoPop. This was the first freeware emulator Neo Geo Pocket Color. There is a lack of sound, little support and no support for Neo Geo Pocket monochrome ROM. Emulation is decent, but has been classified by any other Neo Geo Pocket Emulator. It's not really worth downloading.

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List of errors in NeoPOP

Last update: v0.73 - September 3, 2012

Recently added, updated or deleted:

    "Cool Cool Jam" (Deleted)
"Gals Fighters" (Deleted)
"Ganbare NeoPoke Kun (J)" (Deleted)

"Thank you very much for your interest.

Our thanks go to rosemon Time Warrior, and the members of the forum pointed out that most of these problems

The names in the records relating to all versions, hacks, and translations of the same party.
The names on the completed form GoodNGPx listed (v1.00) are special cases of a rom does not work.
Communication errors are not included in this list

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    Please check the forum, you can realize this.
Please make sure you have the latest verion of this checklist on the website
Please make sure you have the latest verion NeoPOP web site at
If you think a saved state is necessary in order to explain the problem, please send la. ACCOMANYING Flash (NGF file, if any), your configuration is different from mine, and that will affect the outcome!
Moreover, if possible, to save the state just before the problem occurred, save for the problem is usually too late.

"Cool Boarders"

    Damaged in the race for the status bar and blinks a little.
Music is damaged after the first inning.


Dark Weapons - [!] Beast Buster 1999 (JUE) [a1]

    Take a couple of errors to unimplemented opcodes. Then you will see that it is a gray screen. It seems that the bad dump compressed size is much smaller than the other versions available - what a lack of content.


"Delta Warp"

    Not a bug, but when running "NeoGeo Pocket" mode requires a simulation command line loan you the color mode.
This simulation does not work, just a white screen.
Some main characters are corrupted.


"Alert diving"

    Graphic in the introduction to the characters go beyond, damaged style Evangelion.
Glitches corrupt input scrolling text.
The scroll bar will override the background as transparent.
The plunger is not fully moved out of the upper part of the screen.


"King of Fighters - Battle of paradise"

    After entering an "exclamation mark", "skull" or "star" square, graphics on the status bar is damaged (still playing).
Flashes when scan line to clean up diagonally to the top level.
Get a bar of black and white screen status is laid when No.17 Mini Game - Eyes main mode in the Dark "
Name the game ** mini-tutorial at Christina in "" Rose


"Magical Drop Pocket"

    It seems very difficult - should be?
His sometimes hang in the current note. Move the window to NeoPOP closed around.


"Memories Off Pure"

    Nasty black line on the title screen.


"Samurai Shodown 2"

    Caused flash between the baseline and the status bar at the bottom correctly downtime.


"Sonic Pocket Adventure"

    Code unstable clay. Do not play music or sound effects, and you can even freeze - save reset until set. I noticed that not jump the SEGA logo makes it more reliable in general.


"SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash 2 Expand Edition"

    Corrupt graphics for action and response letters (damaged start game)
Note: If it was originally recorded nationwide storage graphic logo for Re-Action Letters were damaged.
When I checked again to ensure that the video card is damaged action instead.


"Super Real Mahjong"

    The first half of the inaugural exhibition was played at half speed by CAD simplified emulation.
Accidents game (black screen) with many options.